Glasgow Business Adviser

Welcome to the Glasgow Business Support Programme and to the online learning programme that supports it.

This is the Home Page of the course. From here, you can go to pages related to each of the modules on the programme.

Welcome to the Glasgow Business Support Programme Personal Development Plan module.

This element of the programme will enable you to tailor the course to your own needs, allow you to grow your professional practice in areas that are of interest to you, deal with areas that you consider to require development and investigate new and interesting aspects and angles on professional practice. 

Welcome to the Glasgow Business Support Programme Strategy and its Implementation module

This part of the programme is designed to enable you to critically evaluate the strategic context of your clients, so that you can provide high level advice on strategy development and thereby help them gain competitive advantage.

Glasgow Business Adviser - Business Finances

Glasgow Business Adviser - Marketing and Marketing Management

Glasgow Business Adviser - Strategic Human Resources and Development

Glasgow Business Adviser - Operations and Business Processes